Dear Friends,
Being literate is just not sufficient in this era of education & IT explosion. Fast growing means of communication has shrunk this world to global village. To cater the needs of the 21st century we must adorn ourself with modern techniques & newer trends in education. To import education for all round development, Hon’ble Annsaheb alias Dr. J. D. Pawar laid the foundation stone of S.G.S.S. & started various professional colleges. It is really unique in itself, well equipped with all amenities & facilities, sprouting on the banks of the river ” Girna & Markendeya” . Being the chairman of such a well esteemed, cared & softly nurtured institution, I feel honored.
Hon’ble Annasaheb entrusted me this responsibility to discharge the task of my interest, to carve out the futures of the students who are gathering the pearls of wisdom. I have no doubt in my mind that our organization will rank among the handful few educational organization of international repute & our students will stand as responsible citizens of modern India , we armoured to meet the global challenges.

Hon. Shailesh J. Pawar

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